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Maruzen Co., Ltd.採用情報
Information on new products
This is a patented product with outstanding peelability and high durability.
"Non-stick"usable at -40℃〜120℃.This is a patented product with outstanding
peelability and high durability.
●Gominosuke 護美の助
~ Clean the city, sea, mountains, and parks ~

Eliminate the hassle of searching for the opening of the garbage bag when picking up trash! Garbage bag opening holder "Gominosuke"
Easy to install and can be used repeatrdly.Click here for details.
●Shari-dama/Sushi 50 pieces of frozen shari-dama
This is a page introducing products for sushi and sushi-dama.

We have a lineup of products of various sizes. We also have handmade sushi sets and frozen vending machines. Please see the linked page for details.
●Tray for refrigeration line
IQF compatible tray Tray for refrigeration line

This is a freezing method that is widely used for frozen foods. Please take a look.
Explanations are available in videos. Click here for the video
●Microwaveable frozen tray
Introducing a microwave cooking tray.

By using our products with high cold resistance, it is possible to produce convenient and delicious frozen foods. Please take a look.
●Frozen vending machine tray
We have trays that are compatible with frozen vending machines.。

If you use a frozen vending machine tray, you can easily try your hand at frozen vending machines.。Please see the linked page for details.
Regarding frozen vending machine troubles
●Tray for frozen vacuum packaging
We have trays compatible with frozen vacuum packs.

The efficiency of packaging and alignment work when freezing in a liquid freezer is greatly improved. Please see the linked page for details.
●Maruzen's super cold resistant PP
This is our main product with high cold resistance and high durability.

It is highly durable and can be used repeatedly. Can also be heated in the microwave.
This material is suitable for the current distribution situation. Please see the linked page for details.
●Maruzen PP sheet “Bio” series
The new "Bio" series has been introduced to Maruzen PP sheets.

In addition to the same quality as before, it also has high environmental performance.
Please see the link for details.

●Ice cream/ice manufacturing tray
By using our patented product, high release PP, it is possible to produce ice with complex shapes. There is an actual video on the introduction page.
Please take a look.

●Top sealing machine
We have a lineup of semi-automatic and manual machines.

Rental machines are also available. Please feel free to contact us.
For details, please see the linked video and product page.。
Youtube link number one YouTube link number 2 Details page
●Maruzen official YouTube channel
Introducing our official YouTube channel.

We are transmitting information such as product introductions, so please use it in conjunction with our homepage.
Maruzen official YouTube channel
●Unmanned frozen sales tray
The tray is compatible with freezing and has a lid, making it highly effective for taking home.

We also sell small lots, so please contact us.
Details page
●Tray for home delivery 60 size
This tray can be used for home deliveries, etc.

This tray is compatible with freezing and can also be used for shipping frozen foods.
We also sell small lots, so please contact us.
Details page

●SDGs reuse tray
This is a reusable tray that uses our patented technology.

We also have actual usage examples, so please take a look at our high-performance trays.
Details page

Freezer tray
Eliminates stickiness when freezing meat and fruits or manufacturing candy and dried fruits!

”Introducing trays that can be used on lines suitable for ”IQF”!
Frozen pan details
Transport/delivery tray
Mass-shaped trays allow you to transport and deliver food and parts while controlling their quantity.

The number of pockets can be adjusted to suit the current line, so it can be transferred at a low cost.
Transport/delivery tray details
Super cold-resistant golden PP tray
Introducing a high-performance golden PP tray that can be used for freezing and microwaving, unlike the conventional golden tray! It can also be put through a metal detector, reducing costs!
How about a higher-grade luxury product?
Super cold-resistant golden PP tray details
●Super cold resistant PP tray
Generally, PP has a cold resistance of around -5 degrees, but Maruzen's super cold-resistant trays will not crack when placed in quick freezing, tunnel freezers, or blast freezers at temperatures of -60 degrees. Metal detectors and X-ray inspections are also available, reducing costs.
Super cold resistant PP tray details
●Introduction of technology compatible with the Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Act
We can provide technology that complies with the new law.

We are introducing the technology in the video, so please take a look. Also, please feel free to contact us.
Click here for the introduction video
●“Mochi Chin Sheet” Mochi Microwave Up Sheet
Non-stick plastic sheet

Rice cakes, dumplings, cheese, and other items that tend to stick even more when microwaved can be washed and used over and over again.
“Mochi Chin Sheet” details

Please place your order from the Maruzen Tray Net Shop.
Sushi partyシリーズ

For inquiries regarding high release PP sheets, please email us.
●Face shield "Clear mask" FS40/43
A face shield to prevent virus droplet infection.

It is also used by dental associations. Details page
Medical personnel at hospitals, food factories, etc.
Video now available (about 2 minutes on YouTube) Yahoo News Sanyo Shimbun
Custom container manufacturer
About Maruzen Co., Ltd.
Maruzen Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of plastic trays.

●We handle everything from design to mold manufacturing in-house.
We aim to respond quickly and achieve short delivery times.

●The raw material is resin to make sheets and commercialize them.
We have achieved low prices by reducing costs through integrated production starting from raw materials.

●We also make cold-resistant PP printed laminated products using our own proprietary technology.
We constantly conduct research and development and strive to create unique products.

↑Patent pending

●PP tray with high peeling performance for food
We have developed PP sheets with the aim of making it possible to easily remove products even if they are stuck in a tray, which previously caused problems due to them sticking together.
Patented “manufacturing method, usage, etc.”
Please see this page for information on high release PP sheets.

●Trying new things every day.

As a by-product of new development, we also hold many intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models, and designs.
Some of the certificates in the photo on the left are excerpts from files from the past three years.

Check out one of our developed products
<<Developed product examples>>

●Main factories in Saitama and Okayama and 3 cooperating factories in Kyushu
From high-mix, small-lot products to large-lot products, we will follow up with you regardless of your locality.

The items we handle are
for food dumplings, shumai, sweets, frozen foods
industrial tray automobiles, electrical equipment, and parts
agricultural automatic transplanters, for growing tobacco seedlings, for pots
It becomes.

Please see the product introduction page for details.
Product introduction
For food For parts For agricultural Various
For dumplings Translucent
black color
Patterned item
For parts storage For agricultural printing
For Shumai Translucent
black color
Patterned item
For transporting parts
For confectionery Japanese sweets
Western sweets
For other confectionery
For electrical parts
For noodles For frozen noodles
For other noodles
High release PP sheet
Sushi/shari balls
For frozen food
For filling
lunch container
For other foods

Until the product is made

Process up to manufacturing From design to mold production

Company location

Company name: Maruzen Co., Ltd.
address: 〒714-0007
   2066-1 Yamaguchi, Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture
TEL: 0865-65-1881
FAX: 0865-65-1885
toll free number: 0120-37-4189

Group company homepages

Cannellon Kako Co., Ltd.
Maruzen Seal Co., Ltd.
Denkyou Half Co., Ltd.


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Information on LED fluorescent lamp types
Information for super cold-resistant
frozen noodles
High release PP sheet

System pat tray 414*312
Standard High release PP sheet for Banjou

We are developing PP trays
that maintain high release performance
the patented(manufacturing method,intended use,etc.)


High release PP sheet pamphlet
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Line triyble improvement videos

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Macaron tray


For individual packaging
Freezing materials
List of freezing materials (PDF file)
Maruzen Co., Ltd. supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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